Neomed is an Italian company founded in 1992 specialised in manufacturing pre-poured media and consumables for food. Beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

In our plant (4.000 sq) located in Ossona close to Milan, we manufacture ready-to-use media for
quality control test in clean rooms and isolators as well as for the control of nonsterile products in pharmaceutical industry. Ready-to-use planets for microbiological analysis of water and surface hygiene monitoring. We can provide customised formulation, wrapping and packaging..
We also produce disposables (state) for laboratory and hospital departements, some of our patented products as Takives, Mingotest, Koprotest are know worldwide.

A diligent and severe Quality Assurance System guarantees the production of products conforming to a specific and regulated standard as confirmed by the validation obtained from prestigious international pharmaceutical companies..
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